Dress Guide for The Male Body Types

Rectangle Male Body Type

This torso shape is very straight with no waist definition. This is a very common horizontal body type for men and one that often accompanies weight gain and ageing.





Look for…

  • Fitted tops tailored to your shape at the waist.
  • Prints, colour pops and detailing across the chest and shoulders.
  • Plain or patterned fabrics that drape well over your body shape.
  • Polo-shirts with emphasis on shoulders.
  • Horizontal striped shirts in colours, preferably in upper torso area.
  • Pleated or flat-fronted trousers.
  • Tailored suits, preferably British-cut.


     Rectangle body type outfits


Tops 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Rectangle Male Body Type

  • A wide collection of polo-shirts in patterned colours.
  • Dress shirts that are fitted or slightly looser (but not baggy).
  • Vertical stripe shirts for a slimmer silhouette.
  • Gingham, checks or horizontal stripe shirts for a wider appearance.
  • Jackets with structured shoulder support.


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