Are you TIRED of keeping up with all the fashion trends and feel the pinch of your wallet? How can you make the most out of your purchases and still own a Stylish wardrobe?

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Personal Styling

is about building a wardrobe that is  aligned with your inner values.

  • It simplifies your wardrobe and pinpoint styles that make sense for your day-to-day.
  • It narrows your style, clothing preference and your wardrobe needs.
  • It prevents unnecessary spending on impulse buys or clothes that does not make a statement of who you are.


Your Personal Style is an expression of who you are on the inside.

When you wear your true style, you pave the way for you to be able to project the image you want to be perceived and still feel absolutely comfortable in your own skinYou need to feel motivated to wake up to a wardrobe filled with clothes you love and be able to mix and match with confidence. Let me help you get there.

My mission is to help you to build a wardrobe that speaks your personal style, so you can find clarity and confidence in the clothes that suits you and mix-match them like a pro. 


Shake off the dilemma of what prints and patterns actually suits you. Discover your true personal style and how you can stop buying outfits that never gets worn enough.

The clothes you wear tells a story. They reflect your personality and what's important to you. Why wear someone else's style when you can wear your own!


Bid farewell to tummy pinching moments in front of the mirror and discover the science of dressing up that will minimize the less flattering areas. Looking stylish is all about wearing clothes that fit and flatter!

Body confidence is all about wearing clothes that does not make you feel less about yourself. Be it an everyday or a professional look, you can pull it off effortlessly!


Step out of your neutrals and own a wardrobe that looks refreshing! Discover how to pull colours together that suits your skin undertone and maximize the use of colours to dress up or down for different occasions.

Wearing colours are more than just having a matching look. They can help you to leave a good lasting impression and with the right colours will help you to look radiant and younger!

"I help you to build a wardrobe that suits your personal style, so you can pull any outfit together with confidence."



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Praise God for Jeann!

I was going through a major transition in life when I decided to seek Jeann’s advice on how to manage my style better. I wanted to forage with confidence into the future and knew I had to make some changes to ensure that would be possible. So I messaged her and made an appointment to meet… Read more “Praise God for Jeann!”


A style that reflects one’s personality

It has been a pleasure to meet Jeann. I enjoyed learning about my colour palette and working on a style that suits my personality. I was very surprised to find that I am much more comfortable in the items that she picked for me, compared to what I have been wearing previously. Jeann is fun,… Read more “A style that reflects one’s personality”


After learning about the fashion

After learning about the fashion personality that suits me, I get to practise it when I went shopping with Jeann. By pointing out why the pieces I chose work or don’t work for me, I finally understood all the theories she shared with me prior to the shopping trip. She has helped me to create… Read more “After learning about the fashion”

Mrs Wong

Helped me to gain the confidence

Working with Jeann has helped me to gain the confidence to try new colors, designs and styles of clothes. Initially, it was not an easy decision to decide taking on the styling session. I am concerned that the style coach would not be able to understand my lifestyle needs and concerns. However after our first… Read more “Helped me to gain the confidence”

Ms Tan
HR professional

Fabulous experience in consulting with Jeann

Jeann was professional and friendly throughout the sessions I had with her. She has shared with me so much knowledge on dressing which I have never noticed before. I was not very confident in the way I dressed but after the three sessions with her, I have learnt how to match my clothes and choose… Read more “Fabulous experience in consulting with Jeann”

Allen Zhang
Application Consultant

Knowing what my brand is

Every one of us carries a brand. Do we know what our unique brand is?
I recently seek Jeann out as I am making a career transition and would like to do a personal branding to create a lasting first impression with people I meet with.
We had 3 sessions. Jeann patiently listens… Read more “Knowing what my brand is”

Natalie Neo
Senior Manager


A yearly review is a great exercise to realign our life goals and making meaningful plans to a more conscious[...]
This quick-fix is a solution for busy people. It will give you more to wear at least until you have the time for a complete wardrobe building process.