10 Wardrobe Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Have you ever sat in front of your wardrobe and wondered why you bought those pieces that looks oddly out of the way? Do you find yourself growing bored of the existing collections you own and yet could not find a way out of them?

From making impulse purchases to hanging onto clothes that we no longer wear, and other style mistakes that we pretty much have been guilty of from time to time. We could all do with some expert advice on streamlining our wardrobes, while avoiding costly and confidence-knocking wardrobe mistakes.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know the secret to looking stylish and side-stepping avoidable wardrobe mistakes, then listen up. Here are 10 common pitfalls every wardrobe should avoid.


1. Impulse Shopping

Many of us have fallen victim to the temptations of great sales, and often resulting in purchases that may not suit us or what we really need. The spur of impulse buys without taking careful considerations of how the item is going to work in your wardrobe often leads to buyer’s remorse.

Building the ideal wardrobe takes planning and research. The key is to create a list of the items that will serve you well, based on your lifestyle and image. Stick to this list as closely as possible, and start seeking out of the best versions of each item that you can afford, considering quality, colour and fit.


2. Falling Into The Fashion Trap

Fashion trends are in a way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date and stylish. However, it is important to be selective in the fashion trends to pick for your wardrobe. Following trends blindly could often lead up to wasting money on pieces you could not wear past a season. And many people end up struggling with how to mix and match them with their existing wardrobe. Take consideration into how the fashion trend can fit into your current style and use them to build on your signature style.


woman with larger size clothes

3. Buying Clothes Bigger Than My Size

There is a growing trend where people are buying clothes that are larger than what their body size actually is, in the belief that it is more flattering to “hide”. The clothes are loose-fitted, straight-cuts that does not give any definition at the waist or a baggy appearance. To put it across more specifically, the size may be correct, but the style and cut when worn, it appears larger than what your actual size is. So you may be a size S, but because the outfit is loose-fitted and baggy, you may look like a M or L instead! Walk away from bargains that do not carry your exact size or fit. Spend your money on items that would actually fit and flatter you!


4. Repeat Buying

When you look into your wardrobe and you noticed multiple pieces with similar style and/or colours, chances are this is a sign of repeat buying. When a wardrobe is filled with repeated buys, it shapes the way you pull pieces together to create a look. And often, you will find yourself getting bored of your wardrobe pieces or feel that you have nothing to wear. Consider investing in a variety of colours and timeless pieces that will last multiple seasons.


5. Hanging Onto Clothes You Don’t Wear

A common mistake we all make is convincing ourselves that we will wear a piece again… one day. This is especially true for pieces that we have grown out of it, or pieces that were bought out of impulse. Usually, if the thought of wearing it has not crossed your mind (let alone wearing it!), then it is a clear sign that it is time to say goodbye.

So, if your wardrobe is stuffed with clothes you no longer wear or need, then it’s time to embrace your inner Marie Kondo and do some decluttering.


6. Wearing The Wrong Colours

Most of us would not have an issue when it comes to wearing our favourite colours, because we love it and know that we look good in it. However, wearing the wrong colours could make you look drained and washed out. For some people, wearing a colour that does not suit their skin undertone could make them appear older than they are.

Colours that suit your skin undertone would make you look radiant and refreshed. It is not easy to determine that unless with the help of a professional stylist or image consultant. Otherwise, stick to the warm colours if orange, browns look better for you and vice versa for cool colours such as blue and purple.


flatlay of men items

7. Saving It For The ‘Special’ Occasion

If you’ve splurged on a statement piece for a special event, don’t make the common mistake of letting it waste away at the back of your wardrobe. Find creative ways to dress down and wear it. Pair it with a denim jacket, or boots. One of the frequently made wardrobe mistakes is saving the outfit for the “special” occasion, so that you look better than the average days. Dressing up should not be an occasion thing but an everyday effort that it becomes part of your lifestyle, a signature style of who you are. When we know we look good, we feel good and confident about ourselves – shouldn’t this be an everyday thing?


8. Neglecting Quality

One of the most common wardrobe mistakes is not paying attention to the quality and make of a garment. The quality of a garment could make or break your look. Refrain from impulse buys that you will end up discarding after a couple wears. Carefully select your new additions, paying attention to the material, fit, colour and cut of every piece. Investing in a quality piece could go a long way in your wardrobe, ensuring you are always looking on the top!


woman choosing clothes

9. Buying Clothes That Do Not Speak My Style

Wearing clothes that speak your personal style is vital to how you wish to leave a good impression for people you meet. Have you ever been in a situation where you wore an outfit you do not feel absolutely comfortable in? And you find your mind occupied about how you look than dealing with what is before you. Your personal style is nothing more than an expression of who you are on the inside. When you choose to wear clothes that speaks about your personality, you build a confidence unconsciously on the inside. Walk away from clothes that does not speak the same style as you, even though it looks perfect on the mannequin. This will help you to build the foundational steps to an ideal wardrobe you never have to struggle with.


10. You Are Not Dressing Your Age

Whether you’re dressing too old, too young or out-of-date, it represents an inability to identify and accept who you are at this point. The reasons behind why you choose what you wear is closely related to your beliefs, your past experiences and your environment. If you have recognized this in your current lifestyle, examine how you could get out of this “time warp dressing”. Keep an open mind to ask friends for help or seek a professional stylist to help you work through dressing your age and be representative of who you want to be.


Do any of these wardrobe mistakes sounds familiar? Are there others that you’ve experienced that are not on this list? Share with me below.


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