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30 Questions You Should Ask Before Making New Year Goals

A yearly review is a great exercise to realign our life goals and making meaningful plans to a more conscious lifestyle. It’s a way to slow down, and take the time to appreciate all the little and big things that were a part of your life in the past year, and also to draw some conclusions about which kinds of things make you happy and which don’t.

I remembered 2 years ago, I invested in a goal planner and sat myself down to work through the different areas of my life goals – personal development, spiritual, business, family and finance. It helped me to lay a clear perspective of how to prioritize my goals, work on areas I have procrastinated for ages and more importantly, set time to do things I enjoy. It was definitely one of the best decisions ever, as it helped me to stay focused and make multi-tasking seem so much easier!


Preparing for New Year

If you are into setting goals and already have some ideas for new year’s resolutions or things you want to achieve in 2020, looking back at your past year will also help to ensure that your goals are truly in line with your priorities and values. If possible, try to do your yearly review at least a couple of days before you sit down to set your goals and resolutions for the new year. Let everything sink in for a while.

In this post you’ll find 30 questions that you can use as prompts to reflect on different aspects of your year. Write your answers down (printable copy available at end of post) or just think them through in your head or talk them over with a friend. The last 10 questions will already get you to think about 2020, but don’t feel like you have to plan out your goals perfectly just yet. Capture any first ideas for next year and then use those as a basis for a longer goal-setting session later on.

I usually set a day apart after Christmas to do my yearly review. I use goals strategy plans such as The Goal-Getter Playbook to help me plan out my goals for the next year just before new year’s. So take a day off, find a chillout place with great coffee and start reflecting, appreciating and build momentum for 2020 with these questions! You might be interested to jump on reading some of my personal goal setting strategies that I use which leads to results.

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