“You always get to choose how you show up in the world.”

-Jeann Ng


Woman in reflection of mirror

You are pinching your tummy bulges in front of the mirror daily and wish you knew ways how to minimize it.

  • You dread the idea of shopping because the variety of choices overwhelms you.
  • You are challenged with buying pieces that flatters your bodyshape.
  • The clothes you wear does not speak STYLE or representing you and your lifestyle well.
  • You are going through a transition phase and find that your current approach to style and fashion no longer suits you.

You are down to the same outfit look because “nothing seems to suit you”.

  • You feel bored with what you have in your wardrobe.
  • You have spent money on impulse buys and now you can’t find a way to wear them.
  • You have worn the current style over and over and you are in need of a FRESH look.
  • You are challenged with putting pieces together that works in style and colour.
Woman choosing outfit

It's not about the size you wear but the way you wear your size.

Imagine how you would feel to wake up to a wardrobe filled with clothes you are motivated to wear. Clothes you love that allows you to mix and match with ease and feel absolutely comfortable in.

You want to look better in every aspect of your life and stop agonizing over what to wear...

You want to break free from a style rut and feel in control of your wardrobe...

That is why I am here to help!

I work with working professionals who want to make positive changes in their lives, without compromising on who they really are or the lifestyle they want to live.

It’s my mission to help you build a wardrobe that speaks your personal style and aligned with your inner values, so it’s sustainable for you and representative of how you wish to be known for. The style sessions have been specially curated in a way that will suit you best according to the season you are in or style experiences you had:

Finding your style


If you are first timer to styling and can't wait to discover your sense of style, what works and what doesn't.

Colourful shopping bags


For the style-savvy who would like to take their style experience to the next level and own a wardrobe consistent with their style.