Years ago when I just started, I had a client who approached me after my workshop. He said, “I hardly shop for clothes because I do not know how to shop for clothes. And I have no interest to walk in the malls and shop for clothes.”

I thought to myself, this sounds like going to be a challenge for me! How am I going to coach when there is no interest?

He added, “But I think I do really need help because I realized when I go on dates I have nothing to wear and I have no idea what to wear! The humid weather in Singapore is not helping me look good with all the perspiration marks on my shirt by the time I reach my appointment venue.”

That was how he started his journey.

Through the personal styling sessions we had, we worked on his body confidence, colours that makes him look sharp and radiant, as well as helping him to align his inner-values with the image he would like to be known for. At the end of our sessions, he shared with me that he felt connected with his wardrobe for the first time, because he did not realize how clothes has to do with his personality and who he is. And also the colours he loves, how he can easily work them into different occasions for his social life and workwear.

 He said I had made dressing up seem so easy like a formula!

It was such great joy to hear such a testimony from him and to know how personal styling has really impacted his life and changed his perspective of dressing up.

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