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"I help you refresh & refine your wardrobe and empower you with style choices that speaks about who you are."

My Story

I never imagined myself one day to be wearing statement necklaces, strutting down the malls with bright colored stilettos, coaching people how to dress for themselves.

My first job upon graduation was in a laboratory environment. Everyday was just lab coat and safety boots, as you can imagine, I was never the girl who was all that stylish. I never wore makeup and black ballerina flats were my favourite. I remembered that my wardrobe was filled with plain solid pieces in black, white and blue, safe colours which I considered to allow me to mix and match easily.

However, the deeper truth was, I did not know how to dress for myself and shop for clothes that makes me look good. This did not make me feel confident about myself and in some instances, I believed I was not beautiful. This affected how I make new friends and connect with people.

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It wasn’t until one day I discovered this thing called personal styling.

It was the turning point of my life. Faith showed me to believe in something bigger than myself. I went on a journey to discover about who I am and who I can be. I learnt to dress in a way that represents who I am on the inside and discovered how to work different styles and colours I love in my outfit. Shopping became effortless for me!

It never occurred to me what it really meant to express myself in a way I truly want to be known for. Leopard prints are not my style, while timeless pieces became my icon. I gained a true sense of joy and fulfillment to dress up for the right occasions and was not afraid of how others would think of me.

I am a Personal Stylist, Wardrobe Expert .

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Years ago when I just started

I had a client who approached me after my workshop. He said, “I hardly shop for clothes because I do not know how to shop for clothes. And I have no interest to walk in the malls and shop for clothes.”

I thought to myself, this sounds like going to be a challenge for me! How am I going to coach when there is no interest?

He added, “But I think I do really need help because I realized when I go on dates I have nothing to wear and I have no idea what to wear! The humid weather in Singapore is not helping me look good with all the perspiration marks on my shirt by the time I reach my appointment venue.”

That was how he started his journey.

Through the personal styling sessions we had, we worked on his body confidence, colours that makes him look sharp and radiant, as well as helping him to align his inner-values with the image he would like to be known for. At the end of our sessions, he shared with me that he felt connected with his wardrobe for the first time, because he did not realize how clothes has to do with his personality and who he is. And also the colours he loves, how he can easily work them into different occasions for his social life and work wear.

He said I had made dressing up seem so easy like a formula!

It was such great joy to hear such a testimony from him and to know how personal styling has really impacted his life and changed his perspective of dressing up.

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A little bit more about Me...

I believe in building meaningful relationships and there is no easier way to achieve it than to align our inner values with our outward actions.

I wholeheartedly believe when we start LOVING the first image we see in the mirror everyday, we nurture a confidence in pursuing what our inner-self is telling us to do. It is not about impressing but EXPRESSING and showing SELF-LOVE for who we are.

Love and Be Loved… there is no greater purpose than this.

I am wonderfully and fearfully made.


Jeann is a Personal Stylist and Wardrobe Expert where she works with men and women to refresh and refine their wardrobe style in a way that speaks about who they are. She believes in empowering confidence in how they wish to be known for through their image and style choices.

As a science graduate, she spent 10 years working in the corporate industry. In the pursuit of inspiring people to change the way dressing up means to them, she became a certified Style Coach with The Style Coaching Institution® UK. In 2014, she founded StylebyJeann. Jeann is best known for her calm demeanor as she helps her clients to simplify their wardrobe and pinpoint styles that make sense for their day-to-day. She works closely with her clients to help them to define their style, lifestyle and clothing preferences that suits them. 

Jeann is also a certified ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) trainer which gives her an edge to design enhanced and effective learning techniques in the workshops she conducts. She has worked with various organizations to host workshop programs that equips participants the knowledge of all things style and grooming.

Beyond the skill sets of a personal stylist, Jeann is also a certified makeup artist. With her expertise and experience in high profile makeup events - Karen Millen fashion show, Makeup Store Launch, this has positioned Jeann to be much sought after for her personal makeup courses for women who wish to put makeup on like a pro!

She actively provides valuable style tips to the local community through her style blogs and has also written publications for The NewPaper, Lianhe Zaobao, Colette, Icon, etc.

Jeann believes that Personal Styling is about building a wardrobe that is aligned with your inner-values. It is about wearing clarity and confidence in who you are, that it paves the way to project an image you feel absolutely comfortable in and feel motivated to wake up to everyday.

Let your wardrobe speak about you today!

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