Life Changing Experience! More than just the appearance…

A BIG “Thank you! “ to Jeann!!!

I was an unhappy person, someone who had very low self-esteem, lacked of confidence, and felt desperately in need of help to bring out the happiness in me all over again. Found Jeann online while searching for professional help to shop for an evening gown for a special event. That’s when and where my journey with her started. I signed a comprehensive package with her, which includes Style Over me, clearing of my wardrobe, shopping and consultation sessions with her. All these sessions are great! All shopping sessions with her are enjoyable… Counting it! I went shopping with her for 4 rounds for the past 6 mths! She is a great listener and professional at her job. I am very open with her, because I believe she can help me go through my difficulties if she know what was in my mind and how I was feeling. I am a changed person, a happier one, after she made me realised that I deserve happiness too. I will continue to work hard to be a strong and confident person! Thank you, Jeann!

May you be blessed with all the warmest wishes always… 🙂

Best Wishes,

1 thought on “Life Changing Experience! More than just the appearance…”

  1. Thank you Elaine for trusting me and sharing your life with me. It is my privilege to work with you! You are able to achieve the success you have today is because you already have it in you (I just helped to give a little push! :p ) I am so glad to hear how much you are loving your wardrobe and how you feel about yourself now – a confidence built from the inside-out. I cant wait to hear more of your exciting achievements in the near future!

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