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Why Your Under-eye Concealer Sometimes Doesn’t Stay Put

The appearance of my under-eye circles has been bothering me since I was in my teens. It was no longer an issue about sleeping more hours and it disappears. Under-eye concealer is probably my best way out, to help me look more refreshed and less tired. However, I struggled with an under-eye concealer that stays throughout the day. Before I learnt to be a makeup artist, I always wondered why the concealer seems to appear cakey and visible creases appear shortly after applying. And before the end of day, I would look totally like a panda (as if I never had concealer on!)


I think it is important to know the condition of your skin under your eye, and choose the appropriate eye cream and concealer that works for you. Checkout these 5 reasons which might explain why your concealer does not seem to stay.


Five Reasons Why Eye Concealer Does Not Stay

1. Blocked tear ducts

If you have nasal allergies, nose infections or chronic sinusitis, the mucous membranes around the nose may get irritated and block tear ducts. When that happens, your eyes water, melting your concealer or making it crease. If you have a tendency to tear, take a cotton bud to clean the corners of your eyes after applying makeup to minimize any irritation.


2. How you prep the under-eye area

Many women use an excessive amount of eye cream. This makes the skin greasy, so concealer can’t stay in place. A pea-sized amount of any eye gel or cream is sufficient. If you have over-moisturized, blot away the excess with tissue paper.


3. The amount you use

You may think that with concealer, more product will give you more coverage and that’s all that matters. But having too much concealer is a serious pain to blend out. And while it might cover your dark eye circles, it’ll also cover up any semblance of natural skin beneath your eyes. If you use a concealer that’s even a little drying, your entire cheek area will end up looking cakey. When you apply too much concealer, it cakes, dries up and slides off.


4. Using the wrong formula

Just because a particular concealer works for someone does not mean it will do the same for you. Your skin type will also play a part in how effective your concealer is, so if you have oily skin under your eyes, you’ll need a less creamy or emollient concealer.

If you notice that your under eyes look dry or crepe-like after you’ve applied your concealer, ensure you use a good eye cream and primer beforehand, and opt for a more moisturising cream-type concealer. When your under-eye concealer is too rich and moisturizing, it will smudge in our humid weather.


5. Not setting your concealer

If you have more oily skin or noticeable fine lines under your eyes, you will find your concealer melting easily or create noticeable creases. A delicate dusting of setting powder can go a long way towards preventing any creasing, with a number of powders and application methods you can use depending on your skin type or desired look. Just remember to dust off the excess powder so you do not end up looking too cakey!


A good under-eye coverage that lasts is not about the brand or the quantity you apply. It requires a good understanding of your skin type, your skin preparation steps, choosing the correct concealer color and appropriate makeup techniques to achieve that. I have since learnt from my mistakes.

What can YOU do to step up your makeup game?


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4 thoughts on “Why Your Under-eye Concealer Sometimes Doesn’t Stay Put”

  1. My lower inner lid pulsates & has a reddish color.
    It will not hold concealer or makeup.
    I wondered if that is a tear duct issue?

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