What You Wear Can Affect Your Career Prospects


What do people wear at your work place? Did you know that wearing a creased out shirt or clothes with stain that could not quite wash out could affect your career prospect? Have you given much thought that what you wear could affect the outcome of your job interview?


People make judgement about each other within the first three seconds that they meet. And these initial impressions can easily become lasting impressions. Hence it is important to realize that how we present ourselves tell others how we want to be perceived.


The outer image we carry is the first language we speak. In a board meeting, it can easily be the determining factor of quality of attention span and level of agreement from the participants. Walking in with a creased shirt that looks aged would likely take away a huge level of confidence people have in us in what we are about to deliver. In a job interview, wearing a floral printed shirt is probably not going to get us that leadership position in a finance industry.


top5tips-stylebyjeannDressing appropriately is a direct influence of what we want to receive from others. If you want stake-holders in your organization to perceive you as creative and highly professional with attention to details then you need to compile a wardrobe that reflects that image. And with other important elements such as body language and voice in combination with a good outer image, our professional image will be greatly enhanced!



How inevitably true that the desire to be successful, recognized and valued for who we are is built in us. It is a natural desire that we want to create a favorable impression and leave a lasting positive impact to the people we meet in our daily lives. We want to improve how we are perceived. And in that, clothes make an accurate reflection of us. The key to successfully getting that career you want, is to establish yourself as an expert in your field by improving how you are perceived and building a strong reputation from there.


My final sentiment is, outer image is the first language we speak of ourselves. If you want to get more opportunities, responsibilities and the salary that goes with it, we need to look, act and sound like we deserve it!







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Featured article in International Association of Style Coaches - stylebyjeannFeatured article in International Association of Style Coaches - stylebyjeann


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