Praise God for Jeann!


I was going through a major transition in life when I decided to seek Jeann’s advice on how to manage my style better. I wanted to forage with confidence into the future and knew I had to make some changes to ensure that would be possible. So I messaged her and made an appointment to meet her. At the first meeting itself, I learnt so much about myself which I hadn’t known before. I never knew my personality determined my style and that I was predominantly a romantic person! I would have never equated myself to anything romantic, much less in terms of my style! Jeann also measured me so I could see which styles of clothes suited me and which ones I should avoid. She even did a colour assessment and I was surprised to see how some of my fave colours were actually not in palette. Knowing this meant not wasting money buying clothes that would not complement me, aka savings lots of money! After giving me some homework to do (wardrobe detox), we met again for the shopping session. That was lots of fun. We explored with colours and accessories too and I must say I was impressed with how we worked within the budget and managed to get a number of amazing pieces!

Thank you so much Jeann for being such an amazing stylist! U sure have opened up my eyes to so many things. I am now more conscious of what I buy and always avoid whatever you warned me against purchasing as I know now that it’ll just be a waste of money.


Insightful and Motivating Experience

I contacted Jeann after reading an online feature on personal stylists in Singapore. Something about Jeann just resonated with me and I decided to schedule a session with her for both myself and my sister in law.

Several minutes into our consultation, I knew I made the right choice. Jeann was professional but yet personable during the session. There is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the person that is responsible for your new image clearly knows what she is doing.

My sister in law and I thoroughly enjoyed our session. We came out of our session with (a lot of) insights and very motivated to test our new knowledge.

Engaging a style coach is a wise investment But only if your style coach is Jeann. 🙂

Thank you Jeann! Look forward to working with you as we continue on our style transformation journey.


Great Personal Investment

We would have made some personal investment in life, such as academic, property, skills and healthcare, and this would be one of the top few on my list!

Yes, it’s important and I have never regretted engaging Jeann on this journey. In fact, I wish I have started this years earlier.

I mean we only have 10-30s to make the first impression which will never happen twice on a new person met. On occasion when this is important, I know I have the right look with the impact made. On my day-to-day, I know that how I look and what I wear do contribute well to a successful outcome of an event. Most importantly, I am more conscious on how money is spent shopping for the right items that value add to my style and presence.

Jeann has been pleasant to work with and great at what she is doing. I enjoyed all the sessions we had in my transformation journey.

Process Manager

I should have done this years ago!!

Jeann is a godsend!! I was so tired with my wardrobe and whilst I had plenty of clothes hanging in it… they felt boring and I didn’t think they made me look or feel that great!

I found Jeann and she started my journey with a very enlightening consultation on my body shape and Color palette that suits ME. I realised that after all these years, I wasn’t really dressing to accentuate my figure but to distort or cover it! The session gave me confidence that I can do lots better and also purge my wardrobe (to buy better clothes). She also made it simple enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed.

Next came the shopping trip. I profess to be a 100% online shopper so going to the shops is not my idea of fun. Nonetheless Jeann, in her practical and calm way, allowed me to enjoy the experience. I learnt how to be more open in trying new looks and be smart about zooming in on the right colours & style. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t cost a lot to dress well.

All in all, I really felt transformed and it is all thanks to Jeann’s pragmatic consult and easygoing approach. I suspect that we might be going for another shopping trip soon. Thanks Jeann!


I never regretted of getting in touch with Jeann…

erzhena pic

Up to the last moment before engaging a style coach I struggled to choose the right investment between coaching or a good set of new pieces. However, for almost a year after the style session I never regretted of getting in touch with Jeann. I have refreshed my wardrobe and now definitely feel much more confident in shopping and enjoy myself. Shopping with Jeann was also quite helpful, we were lucky to find several required pieces and shoes. I have been wearing them often during the whole year. I became more familiar with shops in SG and was able to shop there by myself thereafter. I think that these services would be suitable for those who want to learn the fundamental principles of the right style and look nice and smart thereafter.

From Russia

Exudes my self-confidence…

After pic

This style coaching session has helped me to enter my own personality and the ideal type of fashion which best exudes my self-confidence. Like how it has helped me, anyone who seeks to improve on their fashion sense would benefit from this service. I will advise them to discover their own type of personality and the type of fashion which best defines the core part of them.


Definitely recommend this service…

Before engaging Jeann as my personal stylist, I was not sure how it would benefit me. However after a couple of styling sessions, I learnt about my colour palette, the do’s and don’ts and where to shop for appropriate clothing. I have also discovered about my personal style and knowing what clothes to get. Now I feel more confident in dressing up. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who want to look smart or need a wardrobe makeover!

Mr Grandville Ee

Helped me to gain the confidence

Working with Jeann has helped me to gain the confidence to try new colors, designs and styles of clothes. Initially, it was not an easy decision to decide taking on the styling session. I am concerned that the style coach would not be able to understand my lifestyle needs and concerns.

However after our first consultation where we talked through my ideas and concerns. Jeann helped me to discover more about myself, and understand the styles that I could achieve in my wardrobe. Lifestyle coaching and the varied approaches to reaching my goals have been very beneficial. My wardrobe now looks full of color and patterns that more closely reflect my personality and style. Color analysis was very useful as it helped solidify in my mind clearly what colors works for me.

I felt this session would be very beneficial for people who are going through or have gone through significant life transitions – either in the personal or working sphere. Style coaching is a useful different perspective that helps you get out of your own rut – in terms of shopping and styling.

Ms Tan
HR professional

The best style coaching experience

Before engaging a style coach, the initial obstacles in my mind were – whether I really need or want this, is this the right time to do it and cost. However, these diminished once I decided to go ahead. The best style coaching experience was, Jeann has a very clam and patient demeanor which makes it easy to discuss any related style and perception issues. Through this style coaching session, I had bought some clothes that were a little outside my comfort zone, but that I am happy to wear. This has increased my shopping knowledge and confidence. This session has also helped me to receive a better understanding of myself and how I might appear to others. It provided me useful broad frameworks for considering the different elements of my life. It has also helped me think about fabrics in a different way – particularly how cotton holds heat.

Thanks again Jeann for your work on the coaching. It was a lot of fun as well as a learning adventure!

Ben McCarron
Managing Director

You are a true master at what you do…

Lyn pic

Thanks Jeann for the amazing make up and style experience. You are a true master at what you do; the before and after difference was amazing. Such a fun afternoon we had!

Lyn Russell
Redbrush Arts

Jeann had done a fabulous job and I felt like a model…

I very rarely use make-up so I was obviously a bit nervous when I booked a make-up session with Jeann prior to a photo shoot. But when I finally looked in the mirror I was amazed! My concern had been that Jeann would create somebody that wasn’t me but instead I looked at a beautiful version of myself. Jeann had done a fabulous job and I felt like a model during the photo shoot – attractive and confident.
Thank you so much Jeann for your help. It was such a positive experience and I now have stunning photos!
Please count me in for your next make-up workshop.

Lucy Schröter Richardson
FengShui Focus

Easy going, friendly and professional!

Michelle Ma pic

Jeann’s easy going and friendly soft approach for styling makes me feel very comfortable.  She helped me to choose the certain outfit to best fit the target clients with her sharp and professional eyes. Being the make-up artist, Jeann shared her experience and tips of how to best use certain brand or certain products which we see all the time from the department stores. They are practical and down to the earth. I love most that Jeann was able to transform my image from a tired artist into a professional executive kind of look in a very short span of time. I felt very lucky to have Jeann as my make-up artist and styling during the preparation for all sorts of photo shoots and media occasions etc.

Michelle Ma
Artist from Michelle Ma Art

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