7 Top Tips To What Dates And What Is Timeless

When the spaces run out in your wardrobe, the thought of having to detox your wardrobe can be a very taxing process. The old age question of what to keep and what to throw puts many of us in dilemma. It is important to know what are the essential pieces to keep in your wardrobe and what styles are good to wear even when the season ends. Here are 7 keys to what makes an outfit timeless or dated.

“The key success to own a timeless look is usually

a combination of more than 1 factors…”


1.       Great quality fabrics.

It makes a great difference when wearing a coat with poor quality polyester and high quality suede fabric. Other great quality fabrics such as fine wool, cashmere, silk and suede would last very long in your wardrobe. Outfits with huge patterns and loose size cut tend to date faster.

jacket design

2.       Clean, structured fabric outfits that are simple in their lines.

Outfits that tend to have structure with clean design tend to be classic styles that could go well with many style looks. The tiered skirt with dots can cause the bottom to appear messy, whereas the pink A-line has a nice structure and clean design which makes it bodyshape friendly too!

pink skirt fabric

3.       Colours that are more subdued or neutral.

In fashion, colours usually comes with season changes. Anything too bright or floral will date more quickly. With a more neutral or universal colours (black, white), you can find yourself wearing it over and over again. The black linings gives a big contrast to the orange on the coat, which makes the outfit very loud. A timeless look will be colours that blends well together with a soothing look.

timeless jacket

4.       No extreme cuts or exaggerated shapes on the outfit.  

A timeless look can also be accomplished with cuts that are simple, with no exaggerated layers. The toga dress with huge round patters and tiered bottoms is a great example of what will date quickly. Whereas the timeless shift dress with a waistline looks more elegant and occasion friendly.

timeless style dress

The coat with a broader shoulder look due to the shoulder cut and large lapels, does not flatter any bodyshapes as compared to the timeless look on the right. The thin belt with fit brings out the silhouette better.

coat designs

5.       Clothes not being in fashion.

If it has never been in fashion, it will never go out of fashion. In the denim jacket example, the distress fabric with floral patterns will date when the trend is over, whereas a timeless good quality denim jacket could possibly last for a decade in your wardrobe!

choosing the right denim

Off-shoulder dresses has been in fashion and out of fashion and back again. It may be fun to have some trends in your wardrobe, but floral patterns or huge prints would be something that can be easily recognized when it is no longer in season!

simple cut dress

6.       Outfits that suit many body shapes, styles and ages.

This would be an essential in every wardrobe. Easy to wear, no complex detailing and something you will never get tired of! The harem pants has been in fashion for a season and though it was popular, it does not flatter bodyshapes with wide bottoms. It is wise to shop for bottoms that gives a timeless look so you can easily mix and match with the tops in your wardrobe.

fitted abd harem pants


7.       Outfits that flatter your bodyshapes.

Looking stylish is all about knowing how to flatter your bodyshape.

The timeless look is never short of showing off the curves on your body without being extreme.

The outfit should not be overly baggy or tight. The ruffled layered dress clearly distorts the bodyshape whereas the timeless piece fits the bodyshape in an elegant way.

baggy dresses


The key success to own a timeless look is usually a combination of more than 1 factors. A lovely flamboyant colour today may not work 5 years down the road. Beautiful floral prints may not flatter the bodyshape if it is overly loose. Have you got in your wardrobe today timeless pieces that you love? Share with us what are some of the pieces that works well in your wardrobe every season.

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