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5 Wardrobe Essentials of Men

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Looking at your wardrobe and thought it needs a revamp but do not know how to get started?

There are many look books and style articles available on internet these days that comes and goes with season trends which can get you pretty overwhelmed. One article says to buy one thing, and another says to buy another thing. And you just do not know what the wardrobe essentials to invest in first are. Building a wardrobe should be fun and easy. A good wardrobe foundation consists of understated, timeless wardrobe staples— clothes that will serve as the supporting pieces to your trendier, more eye-catching clothes. Let’s get started with these 5 wardrobe essentials every man should have:


1. White button down shirt

A crisp white shirt that would go well with every colour in your wardrobe, a basic necessity for any suit up look, appropriate for any occasion.


2. Solid coloured jumper / cardigan

A v-necked cardigan or crew necked jumper paired with basic shirts can really help to dress up your overall aesthetic. Wear it as a layer over the t-shirt paired with shorts for a casual look.


3. Navy blazer

The easiest way to smarten any outfit is to wear it with a blazer. A navy blue blazer would make a classic choice that can be paired with almost anything such as a casual polo tee or a dress shirt and tie for the occasion.


4. Dark jeans

One of the pieces you can never miss in your wardrobe. A pair of dark jeans gives the versatility to dress with almost any look from casual to smart. A classic and timeless piece that will never fall out of fashion and helps create a slimmer look for any body shape.


5. Dress shoes

The most basic colours to own would be a black or brown. Depending on your preference for shoe style, an Oxford lace up or loafers would be a good choice. These shoes are necessities to any work wear and suit up look!

Get your shopping trip rolling, stay stylish.


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