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The Shopping War: Online Shopping vs Boutique Shopping

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Shopping has inevitably grown to be a form of leisure fun among friends or bonding time for family outings. Nowadays, shopping isn’t just going to the mall and picking out an outfit. Online shopping is the most popular and convenient way to own new purchases. There is a whole industry of personal shoppers and stylists who cater to individuals to give them the best of the best when it comes to shopping.

Online shopping started as a fad but has slowly solidified its presence and becoming more visited than traditional boutiques. The controversy between the two however still remains. So is it possible to own a lifestyle with just one method of shopping? Does online shopping have the potential to build a legacy like boutiques have?


Shopping the traditional way

The success of traditional shopping in boutiques has come a long way with proven records. The era of familiarity for our mothers and grandmothers, with clothes displayed on mannequins and racks. Passionate service staff waiting at the side, providing customized experience to their customers. They possess that quintessential personal touch, with many boutiques offering personal styling “advices” per their customer’s needs. Real time help from the shop assistants is available at a wave, to find the perfect dress for your next formal event. This is something online shopping in the comfort of our homes cannot deliver! The fun part about shopping is being able take them home in those pretty carry-away bags right away, instead of waiting for a delivery man to show up days later. A tangible advantage of shopping!

Apart from the ease of availability, boutiques also gives the experience to feel the quality and texture of our purchase. This allows a more well-informed decision. On the other hand, online shopping has a reputation of disappointed purchases that do not match the original product images in color, size, and quality. With boutique shopping, it eliminates that problem completely.


The world of online shopping

Technology has revolutionized the way we shop. Digital platforms with extraordinary product features are created, enhancing the customer experience.

Online shopping provides consumer the versatility to make purchases from several different shop brands. Wherever we are located in the world, we can own that product with just a click on the mouse. This especially tops it all for people who have extremely tight schedules and could not afford the time to head to the malls.

Gone are the days when online shopping involved bad images and low quality. Most up-to-date websites are equipped with high quality and true to life images of their products. This greatly reduces the discrepancy between the product and the product pictures. Zoom in features allow customers to closely evaluate the details of the items, and the description box explains the fabric and sizing.

Online shopping has found to be therapeutic for some individuals who prefer quiet shopping, without the persistence of retail assistants at the side. Shopping sales is no longer limited with the flashy discount banners in shops. Many online shopping platforms has digitalized the sale sensation with timers and voucher codes. Creating an irresistible offer for consumers. With the click of the mouse, online shopping makes it easy for consumers to research stores and prices before confirming purchases. Price matching can be done on the items for the best deal. This would not be possible with boutique shopping, as it would be more time consuming to travel from shop to shop.


Making the choice

In conclusion, online shopping and boutique shopping both have their place in the market. Choosing one and not the other is nearly impossible. Each has their merits and demerits and each is beneficial for different consumer experience.

We have shared a good list of tips to getting the best of both worlds in boutique and online shopping. If you love to pay attention to details and owning quality clothes, then hit the malls and stay close to boutique shopping.

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