I love this workshop because it helps me to think about how to improve my wardrobe and dressing.

Tan Wui Siew Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

This workshop has helped me to open up my mind about wardrobe organization.

Shao Yong Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

Best session because I learnt how to build self-confidence in practical ways!

Anonymous, female Grooming with Confidence Workshop

I love best about learning how to mix and match!

Irene Sun Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

I have gained great insight about wardrobe planning!

Hailen Lee Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

The best takeaway is to learn how to detox the wardrobe by understanding my lifestyle activities.

Low Wei Qiang Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

Jeann is very calming and non-judgmental, reduced anxiety, which is key!

Benjamin McCarron Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

I love Jeann's knowledge and presentation and learning about what your dress speaks about you!

Anonymous, female Grooming with Confidence Workshop

My favourite is understanding how to mix and match!

Theresa Sun Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

Very practical advices.

Shirley Wong Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

Before engaging a style coach, the initial obstacles in my mind were - whether I really need or want this, is this the right time to do it and cost. However, these diminished once I decided to go ahead. The best style coaching experience was, Jeann has a very clam and patient demeanor which makes it easy to discuss any related style and perception issues. Through this style coaching session, I had bought some clothes that were a little outside my comfort zone, but that I am happy to wear. This has increased my shopping knowledge and confidence. This session has also helped me to receive a better understanding of myself and how I might appear to others. It provided me useful broad frameworks for considering the different elements of my life. It has also helped me think about fabrics in a different way - particularly how cotton holds heat.

Thanks again Jeann for your work on the coaching. It was a lot of fun as well as a learning adventure!

Ben McCarron