Rediscovering myself through Jeann

I had 4 sessions with Jeann covering colors, body shape & size, shopping trip and make-up. Jeann understands my needs and plans the sessions to meet my objective in achieving a more professional and mature corporate look.

Though the sessions are very personal, Jeann made me felt at ease. And I love her home studio which is cosy and centrally located. She is also fast in responding my queries pre and post sessions.

I used to think I know what suits me, but through Jeann’s professional lenses and advice, I rediscovered myself and revamped more than half of my wardrobe. After the transformation, I received positive feedback from my family, friends and colleagues.

It is definitely one of the best investment I made for myself.

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Founder of StylebyJeann, Personal stylist and Wardrobe Expert

"I wholeheartedly believe when we START LOVING the first image we see in the mirror everyday, we nurture a confidence in pursuing what our inner-self is telling us to do."

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