Praise God for Jeann!

I was going through a major transition in life when I decided to seek Jeann’s advice on how to manage my style better. I wanted to forage with confidence into the future and knew I had to make some changes to ensure that would be possible. So I messaged her and made an appointment to meet her. At the first meeting itself, I learnt so much about myself which I hadn’t known before. I never knew my personality determined my style and that I was predominantly a romantic person! I would have never equated myself to anything romantic, much less in terms of my style! Jeann also measured me so I could see which styles of clothes suited me and which ones I should avoid. She even did a colour assessment and I was surprised to see how some of my fave colours were actually not in palette. Knowing this meant not wasting money buying clothes that would not complement me, aka savings lots of money! After giving me some homework to do (wardrobe detox), we met again for the shopping session. That was lots of fun. We explored with colours and accessories too and I must say I was impressed with how we worked within the budget and managed to get a number of amazing pieces!

Thank you so much Jeann for being such an amazing stylist! U sure have opened up my eyes to so many things. I am now more conscious of what I buy and always avoid whatever you warned me against purchasing as I know now that it’ll just be a waste of money.

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