Knowing what my brand is

Every one of us carries a brand. Do we know what our unique brand is?
I recently seek Jeann out as I am making a career transition and would like to do a personal branding to create a lasting first impression with people I meet with.
We had 3 sessions. Jeann patiently listens to me and identifies the colors and body shape that I have. Additionally it’s also the values and personality that I hold dearly to.
The sessions allow me to take a closer look at my wardrobe, and to be creative in the colors and style I would now choose to wear that is going to bring out the best of my personality in a stylish yet professional look.

1 thought on “Knowing what my brand is”

  1. Thank you Natalie for sharing your experience! Indeed a picture speaks a thousand words! I am so excited to see more creativity flowing out from you and be an influencer yourself! 🙂

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