Inspiring Shopping Trip

I booked a shopping trip with Jeann as I wanted to revamp my wardrobe desperately.
Most of my shopping escapes always end up either empty handed or me buying back the same style of casual wear., which is tees and jeans skirt.
Jeann got me to explore different styles of smart casual wear, as well as made me relook at my colour options.
I was TOTALLY delighted to find clothes which I wld hv normally passed by that looked good on me. She even brought along some accessories to show me how to style it.
Kudos to her for refraining me from looking at my usual style of clothes and making me try on different options.
I ended this fruitful shopping trip with 5 new pieces !
Now, I m inspired to be more adventurous in trying out different style of clothes instead of just sticking to 1 type.
Looking forward for another shopping trip with her next year 🙂

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