Helped me to gain the confidence

Working with Jeann has helped me to gain the confidence to try new colors, designs and styles of clothes. Initially, it was not an easy decision to decide taking on the styling session. I am concerned that the style coach would not be able to understand my lifestyle needs and concerns.

However after our first consultation where we talked through my ideas and concerns. Jeann helped me to discover more about myself, and understand the styles that I could achieve in my wardrobe. Lifestyle coaching and the varied approaches to reaching my goals have been very beneficial. My wardrobe now looks full of color and patterns that more closely reflect my personality and style. Color analysis was very useful as it helped solidify in my mind clearly what colors works for me.

I felt this session would be very beneficial for people who are going through or have gone through significant life transitions – either in the personal or working sphere. Style coaching is a useful different perspective that helps you get out of your own rut – in terms of shopping and styling.