Great Personal Investment

We would have made some personal investment in life, such as academic, property, skills and healthcare, and this would be one of the top few on my list!

Yes, it’s important and I have never regretted engaging Jeann on this journey. In fact, I wish I have started this years earlier.

I mean we only have 10-30s to make the first impression which will never happen twice on a new person met. On occasion when this is important, I know I have the right look with the impact made. On my day-to-day, I know that how I look and what I wear do contribute well to a successful outcome of an event. Most importantly, I am more conscious on how money is spent shopping for the right items that value add to my style and presence.

Jeann has been pleasant to work with and great at what she is doing. I enjoyed all the sessions we had in my transformation journey.

A founder, style coach and speaker - Jeann is dedicated to empowering men and women to wear their authenticity and own a lifestyle to looking good. When she is not at work, she loves to spend time cooking and baking.