I should have done this years ago!!

Jeann is a godsend!! I was so tired with my wardrobe and whilst I had plenty of clothes hanging in it… they felt boring and I didn’t think they made me look or feel that great!

I found Jeann and she started my journey with a very enlightening consultation on my body shape and Color palette that suits ME. I realised that after all these years, I wasn’t really dressing to accentuate my figure but to distort or cover it! The session gave me confidence that I can do lots better and also purge my wardrobe (to buy better clothes). She also made it simple enough that I don’t feel overwhelmed.

Next came the shopping trip. I profess to be a 100% online shopper so going to the shops is not my idea of fun. Nonetheless Jeann, in her practical and calm way, allowed me to enjoy the experience. I learnt how to be more open in trying new looks and be smart about zooming in on the right colours & style. I was pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t cost a lot to dress well.

All in all, I really felt transformed and it is all thanks to Jeann’s pragmatic consult and easygoing approach. I suspect that we might be going for another shopping trip soon. Thanks Jeann!