My Private Stylist

Virtual Style Program

USD$ 99


A comprehensive, tailored program for women that provides solutions to their styling dilemmas.

Based on your body analysis, this computer assisted style program will give you comprehensive and specific style recommendations of design elements of garments and accessories that will enhance your physical appearance.

Simplify your life.

Make shopping for clothes easier.

Look and feel your very best!!


*Note: This program is computer-assisted. It does not include a style consultation session with Jeann.

You have begun a journey of personal style discovery. This is a journey that will change the way you look at yourself, clothes and fashion forever. The recommendations and guidelines in this portfolio have been designed to simplify your life, make shopping for clothes easier and help you to look and feel your very best.

Once you know you look great your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase dramatically. You will walk, talk and think differently. This will cause others to recognise and respond to you in a positive way. Confidence in yourself and your appearance will cause doors to magically open and attract new and exciting opportunities your way. Business and social relationships will blossom and your chances of career advancement will be significantly improved.




  • You will discover what to wear and styles that flatter your shape.
  • You will learn to work fashion to your advantage by knowing what to buy and how to coordinate it.
  • A virtual style guide accessible 24/7 that shows you instantly the various style elements on a garment that suits you, making shopping easy and fun!
  • You will stand out in the crowd with greater confidence and attract social and professional opportunities through pleasing and positive visual image.
  • Expect greater savings in your wardrobe when you stop wasting time and money on clothes you neither feel great in or wear.
  • Enhanced dress sense from everyday wear to professional attire.
  • Gain confidence in your dressing style on any budget for any occasion.



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