Colour Analysis Workshop


Workshop Date: Closed for 2018


Discover Your Best Colours and How to Wear Them!

You can wear just about every colour; it’s the shade of the colour that matters. The right colours make you look refreshed, glowing and healthy whilst the wrong colours can make you look washed out or ill.

We will put together your best colours and give you the confidence to mix and match your outfits. We will talk you through how to use your swatch, experiment with colour combinations and how to work with what you already have in your wardrobe.

For those of you who discover they shouldn’t be wearing black we provide tissues!

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Have you ever pulled items out of your wardrobe only to find you have nothing to wear with them? Is it because the colours don’t work together? What do the colours you wear say about you? Is it in line with the image and impression you want to project?

Wearing the right or wrong colours can be the difference between looking like you need a sick day or like you’ve just returned from holiday. We’ll discover the colours that flatter you and help you avoid mistakes that end up languishing in your wardrobe, unloved and unworn. Plus, we’ll give you the tools to shop with confidence and build a wardrobe full of pieces that mix and match to create great outfits for every occasion.


How It Works

The workshop will be held in a small group setting, where we will have a group consultation session to discuss how to wear colours and use of coloured accessories to mix and match your outfits. We’ll use colour drapes to assess the best colour palette for you and customise it if necessary (some of you are very unique and we understand that). The workshop session is 2.0 hours. Sign up in the link provided for the group workshop and we will get in touch with you on meeting details.

Workshop is open to participants located in Singapore only.


You’ll Receive

  • An ombre colour swatch with 210 of your best colours.
  • Personalised advice as well as tips and tools to start you on the next phase of your style journey.


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