5 Reasons Why You Should Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces were never part of my wardrobe accessories until I discovered how these accessories played an important role. They enhance my confidence to refine my look for different dressing occasions. Friends who know me, has remembered me to be that lady with stylish necklaces (a good representation of what my job is!) When I had to dress up for a tea party, a pearl necklace helps me to enhance the romantic touch that complements any floral dress I have in my wardrobe! It makes dressing up fun and hassle-free!

Perhaps you have never owned a statement necklace or may feel it to be a daunting task when it comes to choosing the right necklace. I would like to propose to you to take that first step and this will mark the start to evolving your personal style. And here are my five reasons why.


1.       Draws attention to your face

When we dress up with the intention to look good, the key communication center always points to the face. Because the expression on your face communicates your thoughts and expresses how you feel. Creating the focal point near your face helps to keep the attention to your eyes.


2.       Adds an accent colour to your outfit

There are many different ways we can wear an outfit. One of the ways is to use statement necklaces with contrasting or complementing colours. This can totally change the look of a plain red dress, to a colorful, fun outfit!


3.       Expresses your style personality

One of the ways to express our personality through dressing up is the use of statement necklaces. Whether it is a classic and refined, dramatic and bold, feminine and soft or creative and fun personality, putting on a different necklace design could say a lot about you!


refined look

4.       Changes the refinement look of your outfit

The refinement look of your outfit can be influenced by the choice of the material the statement necklace. Using wooden beads or resin beads could give a semi-casual look. Choosing crystals and sparkling beads would polish that look for a more formal and sophisticated look!


5.       Potential conversation starters

Who wouldn’t catch their eyes on necklaces that look gorgeous on you? They can add a touch of fun or color to your outfit. These necklaces could help a lot in getting that ice breaking! Where did you get them, what do you love about them… Every wardrobe should own at least 2 WOW statement necklaces. They should be an accessory that you love and goes well with most of your favourite outfits!

Hope this article has inspired to take action in your accessories collection. Go on now and let your accessories do the talking!


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