StylebyJeann Personal Stylist offers a range of styling services aimed at men and women of all ages who are keen to improve, perfect or makeover their image in different areas of their life. The skills of a personal stylist and life coach are used to help each individual discover their authentic style personality and express it externally.

Each individual will be subjected to holistic approach and goal oriented coaching to image styling and the results are used to emphasize their strengths and hide their weaknesses. Through the coaching of the personal stylist, individuals would be able to identify the styles, patterns, fabrics, accessories, hairstyle and make-up that suit them best.

This results in a dramatic increase in self-esteem enabling individuals to feel more confident with themselves and the people around them leaving an elegant and lasting impression.

Styling online

Online Style Session (Coming Soon!)

No matter where you are located, StylebyJeann can help you with your dressing style needs. If you are looking for a seasonal wardrobe update or even just an outfit for a special occasion, let us create the style look just for you. Just fill in the questionnaire and send over your photos, and wait for a detailed style analysis right in your email!

Cost: N/A

Personal session

Private Style Session

Experience a personalized style session, starting from understanding your bodyshape and know the right clothes that flatters you or to stay away from! Our Personal Stylist will show you different ways to maximize your wardrobe and mix-match clothes to your bodyshape. Let StylebyJeann redefine your wardrobe style through personality and accessories styling, and own a stylish look that is uniquely you!

Cost: S$ 397
Duration: 120 mins

Personal stylist

Personal Shopping Trip

StylebyJeann designs a shopping trip custom-tailored for your lifestyle and your budget. We will show you how to shop smart; where to splurge, where to save and where to shop. Together you will cover all the bases with your personalized list of wardrobe essentials. With our Personal Stylist's guidance, you’ll end the shopping trip with great pieces that work for you and that will look great for years to come!

Cost: S$ 397
Duration: 180 mins (includes a coffee-tea session)


Applicable only with Private Style Session and Personal Shopping Trip.
color season

Color Season Discovery

Have you ever wondered why some colours bring out the radiance on your face? Or why on some days you just look tired even when you do not feel so? Colours not only play an important part role in expressing our mood and energy level but as well as expressing the best in you. Our trained Personal Stylist uses color drapes to analyze your skin tone and determine the colours suitable for you. A highly recommended session if you are looking to enhance your outward appearance to be more interesting, more in control, more confident, more self-assured and ultimately more attractive. Discover your color season and add a fun touch to dressing up!

Cost: S$ 150
Duration: 60 mins

Wardrobe edit

Lifestyle and Wardrobe Styling

We all want to own a wardrobe that works for us, clothes that suits our lifestyle needs. Our Personal Stylist walks through a lifestyle analysis with you and goes through every piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You will work together to stylishly vanquish any clothing dilemmas and discover new ways to dress your old favourites. Receive a prioritized list of new clothes and accessories to buy that will maximize your current wardrobe and bid farewell to unnecessary spending!

Cost: S$ 297
Duration: 120 -180 mins (dependant on wardrobe size)