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How to Dress for Round Bodyshape

Women with round bodyshape (also known as apple bodyshape) tend to store weight around the tummy and upper body, although this does not always mean a curvy bottom. Legs can often (for some) be long and shapely. The line and design of your top will make or break how much slimmer you look.


Look for…

  • Tops and jackets with structured shoulders.

  • Straight long tunics that taper at the waist and flare out slightly with darts, side vents or slits.

  • Tops with open scooped necklines.

  • Trousers that are flat-fronted, with no pleats or side fastenings.

  • Gently flared A-line skirts and dresses.

  • Soft, light, flowing fabrics that soften the shape.

  • Outfits in one colour from head to toe (preferably darker colors).


Great Tops for Round Bodyshape

tops round bodyshape

Structured shoulders, 3/4 sleeves, deep V-necklines.


Great Bottoms for Round Bodyshape

bottoms round bodyshape

A-line, loose but not baggy pants, dark colours.


Great Dresses for Round Bodyshape

dress round bodyshape

Deep V-necklines, wraps, vertical stripes.



Top 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Rounded Bodyshape…

  • A great coat with structured shoulders.

  • Patterned tops in great colours with a focus on vertical stripes.

  • Minimizing bras and all-in-one shape underwear.

  • Dark colored long, fluid pair of pants.

  • Great longer necklaces.

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