How to Dress for Rectangle Bodyshape

Rectangle bodyshape is another very common figure shape. These women have little or no waistline definition. Long-legged and balanced horizontal body types most commonly have this shape. Some hourglass figures may become a rectangle with weight gain and/or maturity.


Look for…

  • Wrap around tops and dresses.
  • Fitted, tailored shirts.
  • Feminine and fitted tops over a shapely bra.
  • Gently tailored jackets.
  • Low-waisted trousers with boot-cut or flare style.
  • Skirts that are A-line or full shape.
  • Bias-cut skirts that create curves.


Great Tops for Rectangle Bodyshape

tops rectangle bodyshape

Deep V-necklines, peplum, scoop necklines.


Great Bottoms for Rectangle Bodyshape

bottoms rectangle bodyshape

A-lines, full skirt, flare hems.

Great Dresses for Rectangle Bodyshape

dress rectangle bodyshape

V-necklines, A-lines, wrap.


Top 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Rectangle Bodyshape…

  • A great dress that shapes your waist nicely.
  • A well-fitting pair of jeans is a must.
  • A long pendant to dress up your tops.
  • Belts to define your waist line.
  • A nice light-weight shapely coat you can wear over jeans, a dress or to the office.
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