How to Dress for Inverted Triangle Bodyshape

The second most desirable shape - inverted triangle bodyshape (also know as strawberry shape). The body is larger above the waist than below. It is produced by a proportionally large bust line and small hips. Women who are short in the torso and have long legs are often this horizontal body shape.


Look for...

  • Deep, slim V-necks with just a hint of cleavage.
  • Scooped necklines with low-hung jewelry.
  • Tunics that fall over the hips with detail on the bottom half or central line.
  • Tailored jackets with slim lapels and a single button that flare slightly at the waist.
  • Wrap-over dresses with deep V-neck.
  • Low-hung chunky belts that rest on the hips.
  • Fuller skirts.
  • Wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim jeans.


Great Tops for Inverted Triangle Bodyshape


Halters, V-necklines, thin lapels.


Great Bottoms for Inverted Triangle Bodyshape


Pleats, flounces, bias-cuts.

Great Dresses for Inverted Triangle Bodyshape


Full circular, flounces, tiered.


Top 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Inverted Triangle Bodyshape…

  • A great well fitted and supporting bra.
  • Tops with a slim V-neckline or deep scoop.
  • The boot-cut or wide-leg pants to provide curves to the bottom half.
  • Little Black Dress, once you have found the perfect one, you will look a million dollars!
  • A nice longer necklace/pendant to slim down your upper body.




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