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How to Dress for Hot Weather

The feeling of being outdoors on a hot and humid weather can be uncomfortable when your clothes start to stick to your body. Its no surprise why most people would choose to slack down in their dressing. When temperatures start to rise, we find ourselves sifting out clothes to wear that looks like we are dressed for the beach!


So the question I often get asked, “Is it possible to be stylish in warm weather?”

YES, of course! Instead of using the hot weather as an excuse to relax your dress code, I would like to suggest to you to see it as an opportunity to incorporate color, new fabrics and styles into your wardrobe. I have identified 5 simple tips to help you stay smart and stylish in tropical climates.


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1. Choose Lightweight Clothing and Fabrics

If you live in countries with tropical climate, you will find the lightweight clothing or fabrics showing up in display stores when spring/summer season hits. The best fabrics are fabrics made from natural material such as cotton, linen, bamboo or lightweight pure wool.

When choosing your lightweight clothing, the weight of the clothing should feel light and has a translucent appearance. If you are someone who tends to perspire easily, you will be delighted to know that these natural fabrics tend to dry faster too!


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2. Breathable Fabrics are Excellent Choices

When it is hot and humid, the first thought we would wish is to be in an air-conditioned place! The cool air helps to bring our body temperature down, and hence least possibility of perspiration. Similarly, when choosing the right fabric of your clothes, it should maximize the amount of air flowing through the clothes to help reduce body heat.

Fabrics such as cotton, linen or bamboo allows the skin to breathe freely by allowing air to flow through and good at absorbing moisture.

However, it is also important to note that not all lightweight fabrics are breathable. Synthetic fabric such as polyesters are not encouraged for hot weather as they tend to be water-repellent and allow sweat to build up, reducing evaporation, and causing discomfort and irritation. As much as silk is a thin and light fabric, it is not a good choice as it tends to retain heat.


3. Choose Clothes that Offer UV Protection

The harmful effects of UV rays from the sun has been made well aware today. Clothes are the most basic form of protection against the sun. The more skin covered the better, hence it is good to opt for long sleeves shirt if you know you are going to be exposed in the sun for long hours.


4. The Construction of Your Clothes

Besides having lightweight and breathable fabrics, how your clothes are constructed plays an important role to dressing up for hot weather.

Blazers are usually lined with polyester, satin or silk – none of which breathe well. This traps heat in the layer between the fabric and the lining. A polyester lining on a 100% lightweight wool jacket restricts the breathability of the wool – making it a poor option for hot climates. Unlined blazers or half-lined jackets are your best options in the summer months.


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5. Lighter Colour Clothes

Wearing lighter colour clothes has a tendency to make us feel cooler as compared to wearing black/dark colour clothes. The lighter colours actually reflects more light than black, hence less heat is absorbed. This is also probably why in summer season, you will see more brighter and pastel colours in trends, since most people will associate the season with sunshine and heat!


In humid and hot weather, being comfortable is a priority. But with the right mix of colorful, lightweight and breathable fabrics, constructed with the right elements – you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.


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