How To Build The Perfect Wardrobe

What would it look like to own a wardrobe filled with pieces that works seamlessly together? For any occasion, you will find something to wear. Never feel bored with your clothes but instead gets you motivated to get dressed every morning.  Sounds like the perfect wardrobe?

Whether you are in the midst of rebuilding your wardrobe or yet to kickstart your wardrobe curation. These 10 strategies will steer you on the right track to make the decisions you need, for a wardrobe that suits you perfectly.


1.  Fill It With Your Favourite Pieces

The key to building a wardrobe that inspires you is to fill it with pieces that you absolutely love! They can be your favourite colours, style or even designer cuts and fabrics. So, aim to curate a wardrobe close to your personal style that gets you excited to get dressed every morning!


2.  Focus On Your Style Personality

When you wear your true personal style, you dress in a way that embraces your personality. The choices of your clothes, colours, accessories and hairstyles are what you will feel comfortable and right in! Be it in a presentation meeting or interview session, you will feel “comfortable in your own skin” and gain a whole new confidence about who you are.


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3.  Maximize Your Wardrobe Per Lifestyle Needs

The perfect wardrobe should contain clothes that you get to wear in your daily activities. Identifying your lifestyle needs helps you to build the right proportions for each category outfits. This allows you to maximize the pieces in your wardrobe and reduce wastage!


4.  Quality over Quantity

A perfect wardrobe that you never feel like you have ‘nothing to wear’ is made up of high-quality garments that lasts you for more than a few seasons. Refrain from impulse buys that you will end up discarding after a couple wears. Carefully select your new additions, paying attention to the material, fit, colour and cut of every piece.


5.  Invest In Statement Pieces

In your wardrobe, you should invest in at least 3 to 5 statement pieces that speaks your personal style. These statement pieces help to add an accent to your outfit and determines the refinement or dress occasion of your outfit look.


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6.  Build A Collection of Versatile Pieces

The versatile pieces are easily mixable items that allow you to express every inch of your style concept and create an outfit for every occasion. These starter pieces that works seamlessly together, will form a good foundation for your wardrobe.


7.  Comfort Is Priority

Comfort should be a priority if you want to feel confident and look stylish. Take time to find the garments that stays close to your style without compromising on the fit and fabric. Comfortable garments may end up as your most frequently worn pieces. Make sure they are of good quality that can last multiple washes!


8.  Consider Its Functionality

Most of your garments serves one function or another. For example, a jacket meant to be worn in low temperatures should serve its functionality. Tops that are considered for summer wear should be make of breathable and light fabrics.


9.  Ditch The Fashion Trends

Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever. Be selective when it comes to following fashion trends, make sure they suit your own style. Evaluate how well the trend will fit into your current wardrobe style and ignore all others that do not make the mark.


10.  Declutter Your Wardrobe

You cannot build a perfect wardrobe without a regular declutter every 3 to 6 months, depending on the size of your wardrobe. An essential step that helps to keep your wardrobe neat and organized, providing the space to revamp your wardrobe. More importantly, you will be able to have a clear visual view of your items and find them easily!


In summary, the journey to build a perfect wardrobe is an ongoing process. It takes time and patience to evaluate what works and does not work for you. Set yourself a strategy plan and keep track of your progress. In no time, you will be enjoying the fruits of a revamped wardrobe!

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