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How to Shop Online the Smart and Savvy Way

Would you consider yourself a savvy online shopper? Did it work out the way as planned? Do you know the riddle behind a hassle free online clothes shopping?

Online shopping is gaining popularity with consumers, as you can shop comfortably in your own home, beat the retail crowd and have your buys delivered to your doorstep. Equipping oneself with the right tips to shop for clothes online would provide the online shopper a pleasant experience and enhance one’s personal style. In this article, I share my top 5 secrets to savvy online shopping.


1. Keep an accurate, up-to-date body measurement

The first and perhaps the most important thing to do before starting shopping online, is to get an accurate body measurement of yourself. With these measurements, it gives you the confidence to explore different retailers and make clothes purchases without having to try them out.


2. Start with a shopping plan

With a simple click on the internet, we can easily access tons of websites selling a variety of clothes and accessories. Consumer choices are no longer limited to a local mall but expanded to an international variety. Hence it is important to plan ahead with a shopping list. This helps to stay focus when browsing and ease comparisons between different online shops.



3. Use the search bar

This is always the first thing I lookout for when doing online shopping. The search bar improves the shopping experience by keeping it hassle free and focused, an exclusive element not found from mall shopping. My favourite would be search bars integrated with budget preference, which allows me to locate a desired buy within my budget.


4. Refer to familiar brands, retailers and designers bought before

When you hit on a brand, a cut, or a style that really works for you, you will be able to find it again easily. You will also always know that a specific brand is cut a certain way and fits you well. After a couple of purchases, you will have a stable of brands, designers, and cuts that you know always work for you.


5. Check the payment and return policy terms

After an enjoyable shopping experience browsing through the various websites, the final step is to complete the transaction with a payment method to your preference. Most sites accepts debit and credit cards and in some instances via PayPal account. Sometimes purchases may not work out the way as planned, hence it would be important to review the return policy and instructions that may come with different online payment methods.


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