What is a Style Coach, and how does it differ from a regular Fashion Stylist?

A Style Coach is someone who is trained to practice a unique combination of the skills of a Personal Stylist and of a Personal Coach, embracing the person with a holistic approach.

As a Style Coach, I can teach people the techniques of looking and feeling their very best by combining both personal styling and positive psychology to nurture them toward positive changes in their lives, both externally and internally.

A Style Coach helps the client to become the person they want to be and live the life that they deserve. Style Coaching is not just about the clothes you wear and the image you present to yourself in the mirror and to the people around you. It is about you, your body and your mind. Your look does not have to be complicated or expensive to achieve this.


When would a person enlist the help of a Style Coach?


Anybody who would like to improve the way they look or feel. How you dress can really change how you feel and how you are able to cope with the daily challenges. When you start the day in a positive, powerful and resourceful state of mind, you are much more equipped to cope confidently throughout the day and without stress. How you feel when you step out the door in the morning is how your day will follow.

A Style Coach works one on one with a person, starting with an initial meetup followed by a consultation to assess the client’s personal needs. Following the consultation, an action plan and styling sessions will be planned based on the individual’s requirements.

These may involve assisted shopping stints or wardrobe consultation appointments. Inspiration for change in a person’s life can be triggered by events such as a life situation change, separation, weight loss etc.


When would a business recruit your services, and how would it benefit them?

A business would benefit from my services when they are looking for an up to date and fresh corporate identity,  or creating a new business/brand image.

Restyling staff encourages them to feel proud of the company they work for, which will also reflect what the company stands for. When people feel more confident within themselves, the positivity flows onto others around them, including their colleagues and the public, which will contribute to better results for the business.