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Five Steps to Efficiently Tackle Discount Racks This Great Sale

Who doesn’t love a good sale? We know we sure do! As fun as discount racks are they can be a complete chaos most times.

Don’t miss out on great deals just to avoid the crowds!

We are going to help you become a pro at dealing with discount racks, how to not only get the most bang for your dollars but also have loads of fun while you are at it!


1. Choose Specific Racks

Discount racks are usually an abyss of darkness waiting to suck you into their half-priced aisles. Think smart and only venture out to discount racks items that you need in your closet. Work on your shopping list and head to the sale items that are categorized in garment types you are looking for.

This will not only save you time but will help you avoid spending on items that you may already have an abundance of in your wardrobe. The key here is to stay focused!


2. Stick to Your Seasonal Color Palette

Save yourself the time and the hassle and stick to colors that  are in your seasonal color palette! Sure, sale season is a great way to try new colors without breaking the bank. If you are looking to find pieces that you will love and wear without any hesitation, then choosing clothes according to your color palette is essential.

If you do not know your seasonal color palette, I recommend you engage a personal stylist or image consultant. Once you know the colors that flatter your skin tone, it makes shopping so much more efficient and rewarding!


3. Size Matters

Now that you have found that particular style piece in the right seasonal color palette for you, I know you might be hoping to squeeze into that size 00 pants but I am afraid it is never going to happen! Don’t waste your energy looking through racks and racks of clothes that won’t even fit you! Head straight to the sale racks in your sizes!


4. Keep In Mind Your Style Aesthetics!

We all have been there when we see something super discounted and go crazy and buy multiples of that item only to come home and realize that although, the item was 70% off it just isn’t something we will ever wear!

After you have found the item of your choice, look at it in front of a mirror and ask yourself if the garment works for your body silhouette, lifestyle and personality needs. Repeat this step for all items that you picked from the sale racks that match your color seasonal palette.


5. Try and Buy

Down to the final step! Trying rooms during sale season are a whole other nightmare but believe us, it’s is a necessary evil!

You must try your clothing items before you buy them. This not only assures that you are picking the right size for your body, the right fit and color but also makes sure you don’t take home that lumpy and unflattering dress!

As you are trying on the clothes, look in the mirror and ask yourself how do you feel in these clothes? How will others perceive you? Purchase items for which the answers to these questions are in line with the image you hope to project to others.

With these easy five tips, you can not only maneuver the crazy sale racks this season but also find great quality discounted clothes suited to your personality!

Time to grab your bag and call your girlfriends and enjoy a whole new experience to shopping this great sale!


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