Dress Guide for The Male Body Types

Triangle Male Body Type

Men with this body type has shoulders and chest narrower than the waist and hips. With a larger waist, their bottoms tend to be a size larger than the top. This may also create a sloping shoulder appearance.






Look for…

  • Shirts with vertical stripes.
  • Jackets with a good structure at the shoulders.
  • Single-breasted suits, with structured shoulder frame.
  • Shirts with brighter colour panels and detailing across the shoulders and chest.
  • Trousers with pin stripes.
  • Flat-fronted trousers and jeans.


 Triangle body type outfits

Tops 5 Wardrobe Must-Haves for the Triangle Male Body Type

  • Crew neck shirts with colour panels across chest and darker colours around the mid-section.
  • Tailored single-breasted suit with structure at top but has plenty of drape.
  • Vertical striped sweats.
  • Dark coloured pin-stripe trousers.
  • Shirts or jackets with chest pockets.


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