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Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop

Detox Your Wardrobe

One of the favourite questions people ask me is “How do you find my style? Does it suit me?” It is not a question I have an answer to immediately but instead I would have them ponder “How confident are you in this style?” The fundamental start to knowing your personal style of clothes is to know how to detox your wardrobe. This month, StylebyJeann hosted a “Detox Your Wardrobe Workshop” at Hub Singapore. Through the demonstrations and interactive approach, the participants learnt how to apply practical tips to solve wardrobe challenges and how they can develop a wardrobe plan per their lifestyle needs. Key tips were also shared on how they could maintain the wardrobe to be hassle free! SnappyFit had also graciously supported the event by giving the participants an opportunity to try different outfits and experience a style coaching advice by Jeann on the spot. At the end of the workshop, participants were deeply impacted by the need of having a relationship with their clothes to achieve a wholesome lifestyle and personal development.

Detox Your Wardrobe

Every single participant walked away with a new perspective and skill learnt.

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