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Which “Crazy Rich Asian” Style Personality Are You?

When Crazy Rich Asians launched in box office, it swept Hollywood and Asia by storm. Singapore being my home, I was very intrigued to know how rich asians were projected in Singapore. After watching this box office top movie last weekend, I have to say I was greatly surprised – the culture, the local behavior, the fancy lifestyle, etc. But the REAL talk of the town was the fashion wardrobe!

Crazy Rich Asians fashion designer, Mary E. Vogt, is no exception to using fashion to help convey a story. Given a movie about the affluent sub-culture of Singapore, she expertly dresses each character based on their personality and class. We see the calm, poised composure of Astrid Leong styled in her classic elegant dresses, to the extreme dramatic comedian character of Goh Peik Lim dressed in cute characters with bright colours. Such interesting personalities displayed has a lot to do with the choices of clothes they wear!

We love the fashion, we love the blink. Like the movies, your style personality is simply an expression of who you are on the inside, and maybe, you could find yours in one of the Crazy Rich Asians‘ character below!


Gemma Chan in pink

1. Astrid Leong

Style Personality: Elegant, Classic

Makeup Look: Smoky, elegant

What I would call, the ‘Audrey Hepburn’ of asia. In the entrance scene of Astrid Leong (acted by Gemma Chan), she walked in with a gorgeous, timeless pink Dior dress. With her hair up and sunglasses on, it was such an iconic touch of Hepburn! From the fashion style of Astrid dressed in Crazy Rich Asians, a character inspired to be sophisticated and classy, who loves fashion and yet does not show off. If you love quality high and low fashion with a timeless look, this could be your style personality!


Constance Wu dress

2. Rachel Chu

Style Personality: Romantic

Makeup Look: Neutral colours, natural beauty

At the family dumpling making gathering, Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu) wore a white dress with pink floral prints, expressing a very sweet, demure and lovable “potential daughter-in-law”. The most outstanding dress was an ethereal Marchesa gown crafted out of tulle. The soft layers of tulle with floral touches, carried a feminine and romantic feel of the character.


Awkwafina in crazy rich asian

3. Goh Peik Lin

Style Personality: Dramatic

Makeup Look: Shimmer colors with dramatic eyeliner

One of my favourite characters in this movie. Goh Peik Lin (played by Awkwafina) has brought about the comedian touch extremely well with her dramatic expressions and chicken-explaining wisdom. Her fashion wardrobe in Crazy Rich Asians are mostly seen in bright coloured cute character prints with bold colored pants, complimented with bright hair color and dramatic eyeliner.


Sonoya Mizuno jumpsuit

4. Araminta Lee

Style Personality: Dramatic

Makeup Look: Smoky with glitter touch

The highlights of Araminta Lee’s (starred by Sonoya Mizuno) wardrobe are the gold jumpsuit designed by Vogt for her bachelorette party and the elegant waterproof gold wedding dress. An extravagant fashion style created to express the wealth of her family with elegant touches. A body hugging gold-sequined jumpsuit for a bachelorette beach party is dramatic, very much displays the attention needed to be drawn to the character.


Fiona Xie in Crazy rich asian

5. Kitty Pong

Style Personality: Dramatic, Sexy

Makeup Look: Diva dramatic

Crazy Rich Asians has certainly projected an interesting character with Kitty Pong (played by Fiona Xie), to display the gold-digging starlet around rich asians. Low-cut, flashy and over the top wardrobe for this starlet character. A personality that enjoys attention and flaunting her curves, complimented with dramatic makeup colours and long eyelashes for that diva look.

Which character’s Style Personality best describes YOU? Share with me below!


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