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Sharing My Story With Clozette

A story I seldom share about, many would have thought I started my journey of StylebyJeann as a fashionista, a keen lover about all things beauty. But that was not the case. My journey started from a wardrobe I wanted to breakthrough from…

Read on in my interview with Clozette about my journey less travelled. 

For Jeann, her big break was not when she was discovered by a well-known name or being shone the spotlight in a momentous way. Instead, it was a humble memory involving her first client.

“I remembered my first client was a single lady in her 40s.  She was doubtful about how I can help her since she has always been wearing loose-fit floral blouses with pants — and no dresses! — for decades. Change did not happen overnight, but after a couple of consultations along with a shopping trip, she discovered how she could dress up according to her personal style and [preferred] colours and started incorporating dresses into her wardrobe. I will always remember how her eyes lit up with a bright smile as she thanked me for the transformation. She told me she never realised she could look that good and now she feels absolutely confident going out with people and shopping for her wardrobe. That was a ‘big break’ for me,” she fondly recalled. 

If I never took on this path less travelled, I guess I would still be in my laboratory coat and safety boots…

Going through a transition or refreshing your wardrobe style can be challenging on your own. I started from a plain-Jane next door, and my journey is a proven success that anyone can achieve it too.

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